Peter Fischer

Dr. Fischer joined Thinfilm in January 2014 as Chief Product Officer. He was named Chief Operating Officer in November of 2015 and oversees manufacturing, supply chain, R2R Technology Development and technology transfer for the Company.

Prior to Thinfilm he was Chief Technology Officer at Plastic Logic, a printed electronics startup and producer of flexible displays. Earlier in his career he served as Director, Back-end Products at Qimonda, and Senior Manager, Front-end Process Integration at Infineon Technologies. He was elected to the board of the Organic Electronics Association (OE-A) in 2011 and maintains that role in representing Thinfilm. In 2012, Dr. Fischer was named one of the top “Forty Innovators Building the Foundation of the Next-gen Electronics Industry” by EETimes. He holds a diploma and Ph.D. in Physics from University of Magdeburg.