Eythor Bender

 As Co-founder and CEO of UNYQ, Eythor Bender and his team are reimagining prosthetics and orthotics by using 3D printing, bringing personalization, digital optimization & data gathering. UNYQ takes something that used to be a source of frustration or indignity and turns it into a means for self-expression, pride and ultimately better outcomes.

Eythor’s passion is about improving the quality of life for those in need. His enthusiasm for helping people with disabilities or loss of limbs to regain mobility and healthy lifestyle has driven him to advance the field of bionic suits. He was previously CEO of Ekso Bionics, where he commercialized a wearable robot “Ekso,” which enables wheelchair users to stand and walk and CEO of Rex Bionics, a company that helped pioneer exoskeletons for people with paralysis.

Throughout his career, Eythor has championed innovation; fostering and spearheading creativity in medical technologies and taking them from unconventional ideas to FDA-approved products. Such was the case with the boomerang-shaped prosthesis Cheetah Flex-Foot® by Ossur. Worn by Ossur Americas-sponsored, history- making, bilateral amputee Oscar Pistorius from South Africa, this device changed the world’s perception of the disabled athlete. Eythor and his team helped him win the right to compete in the Olympics and today the Cheetah Flex-Foot is the prosthesis used by nearly every medalist at the Paralympics.

Before that, Eythor spent 13 years in executive management with Ossur, a global leader in the development, manufacture and distribution of non-invasive orthopedic products, serving the last six years as president of Ossur Americas. During his tenure as president of Ossur Americas, a division he’d grown from the United States and Canada to one spanning the Western Hemisphere, Eythor introduced the first three bionic devices in the world for lower-limb amputees.

He is a frequent speaker on innovation at conferences such as TED, TEDx, and the Aspen Ideas Festival.